The "Pasteli Manolakos" is characterized by its unique preparation. It is a great sweet "snack" composed of natural products, namely roasted sesame seeds and pure honey. However, there are also kinds of Pasteli containing various kinds of nuts.

We produce our Pasteli in accordance with the traditional recipe. The origin of Pasteli goes back to Homer's Iliad. It's a tradition including the shades and flavors of an ancient era, which left despite all its difficulties a sweet and lively nostalgia in our hearts. This is caused by the fact that anything connected with traditions has to be based on values and principles in order to be continued.

Believing in the traditional working method, since 1902 the manufacture of "Manolakos" produces fine first-class products, the traditional Pasteli of Mani and sweets. The Manolakos family loves and preserves this tradition. Pasteli is a typical sweet of Mani and consists of sesame seeds, honey and almonds.

Combining the unspoilt ingredients as well as the traditional ancient way of nutrition, the "Pasteli Manolakos" is an up-to-date and highly dainty product, setting an example of a whole-some, nutritious and absolutely physical snack. Pasteli is a perfect supplement to daily nutrition for anyone, children and adults.


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